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Gallery Argan represents a true and boundless vision of art and luxury. Since its inception in 2004, Gallery Argan has been dedicated to providing the very best in high-quality jewels, timepieces and bespoke products, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness. Keeping an eye on international trends, blended with a local touch, we have curated the most enchanting collections. Gallery Argan is truly unique and we continue to delight our clients with an unparalleled collection of luxury products. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and not simply to satisfy them, for ‘luxury has no limit and the vision of art has no boundaries’.Our years of experience and services have built a legacy of integrity and trust with our customers which we strive to uphold for years to come.
Gallery Argan’s designer jewelry selection is distinguished by three important characteristics – the quality of the precious stones; the highest excellence in craftsmanship and unique designs produced as single pieces. Working with our global partners, we strive to bring the highest quality precious stones and workmanship. Our extensive range of jewelry, arguably the best and most daring is a must-see collection for those seeking only the best.
Gallery Argan holds the exclusive territory franchise for Prima Gold in Oman. Prima Gold specializes in 24K pure gold jewelry, the first of such gold jewelry brand in the world, and offers unmatchable masterpieces.
Gallery Argan carries a strong portfolio of watch brands, well known for their complications, high workmanship and powerful mechanisms and mechanical movements and are produced in single or limited editions.


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